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This week first responders and hospital staff in the area received their first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

About 100 paramedics from Bruce County were among the first to use Gray-Bruce’s “Hockey Hub” mass vaccination center in the Hanover arena.

“This vaccine is a safe and reliable tool that will protect the county paramedics and the vulnerable residents we serve. It remains a critical time for COVID-19 prevention efforts in place, “said Steve Schaus, director of emergency services for Bruce County.

Gray Bruce mass vaccination centers, which are said to be in arenas in Hannover, Kincardine and Owen Sound, are not yet open to the public.

The health unit says once it covers first responders, medical staff, and everyone else involved in Phase 1, Gray-Bruce’s 80s and over will be next.

At its peak, Gray-Bruce Health Unit officials say their hockey hub mass vaccination centers can deliver 4,500 doses a day.

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