Did you think the Hulk was invincible? Was it impossible to kill him? Imagine not, because we just found out Bruce Banner is destined and is life threatening if he transforms into the Green Titan and all because of Wolverine …

Indeed, a few days ago we told you about the last issue Savage Avengers # 24 inside it The wizard resists, wins the battle against the Avengers, claims his power and dominates the world .. All the great heroes of the world. Earth attempted to stop the evil sorcerer, but the latter ultimately succeeded in destroying humanity and reshaping the world in his image. Doctor Strange and Conan the Barbarian tried to create a portal to bring in the Avengers and the X-Men, but failed. Superheroes just suffered one of the biggest losses in history.

Marvel Comics just announced The magician holds Bruce Banner prisoner .. He’s one of the only heroes still alive. Gas had a good idea Place the banner around the neck using Adamantium bone Wolverine .. Adamantium is the strongest metal in the entire Marvel Universe.

This is an interesting Machiavellian plan for Kulan Gath. If the Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk, Adamantium hugs her neck, which is synonymous with some deaths. he. As above if he gets angry! short, The banner is intended and it’s Wolverine who is indirectly responsible for it.

Of course, it’s unclear whether Banner’s transformation into the Hulk could lead to the strangling of the green giant by Wolverine’s bones.I’m sure given the very small number of superheroes still alive and facing the threat from Kulan Gath, they are unlikely to come to his aid soon.…

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Bruce Banner is trapped and Wolverine finds a way to kill the Hulk
Bruce Banner trapped, Wolverine found a way to kill the Hulk

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