The 20-year-old paracyclist won the third medal for the French delegation at the Tokyo Paralympic Games on Tuesday 29.

Alexander Rute continues to harvest at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Already a gold medalist in the C2 pursuit and silver in the Kilometer Time Trial, a paracyclist captured a bronze medal in the C2 road time trial on Tuesday (August 31). It offers the French delegation the 29th attraction.

Alexandre Rute, the two-time world champion in the field, was particularly eagerly awaited on the Fuji Speedway racing circuit. The 20-year-old Frenchman got off to a cautious start, finishing in 5th place 30 seconds after leading at the first halfway 8 kilometers after the start and accelerating seriously. In the second intermediate, he placed second behind future Australian Paralympic champion Darren Hicks, unscathed on Tuesday.

Leote was still fighting for money in the last few hundred yards when he lost precious seconds in a cruel mechanical accident. The second place flew and was finally delighted by the Belgian Ewoud Vromant (1’32 ”to Hicks), but Breton was still 10 seconds ahead of the Chinese Liang Kihua, fourth, 2’27”. won the early bronze medal. Behind Darren Hicks.

The first Paralympic Games in Sankaradeck (Côtes d’Amall) are not yet over as they took part in the C1-C3 road race on Thursday 2 September. He’s already won three medals, so he never leaves Tokyo empty-handed.

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