The Brivist rugby players bowed on their lawn this Saturday, May 29, 2021 against Castres, on the score of 28 to 33. But the defensive bonus point allows them to ensure the maintenance in Top 14.

The Brivists are the first to start, following a ball lost by Jelonch, they get a penalty that Hervé passes, 3-0 (6th).

A penalty returned a few minutes later, Urdapilleta does not pray to put the two teams tied, 3-3 (10th).

Castres believes he scored the first try of the game, but Botitu sidelined.

And are becoming more and more threatening, no test despite two clear opportunities, but the boot of Urdapilleta to pass in front, 6-9 (24th).

Short-lived advantage, Hervé misses a kick, but following a controlled penalty, the Brivist forwards do the job and Paulos ends up flattening, 13-9 (31st).

In a breathtaking last minute, the CAB deplores two injured, Hervé (knee) and Lebas (arm), and Botitu receives a yellow card after a nasty tackle on Tuicuvu.

The Corréziens therefore lead 16-9 at the break, while Pau is for the moment largely dominated in La Rochelle (32-15), it smells good for the maintenance!

Returning from the locker room, the Castres, who play their last chances of qualifying in the final phase, put the pressure despite their temporary numerical inferiority, and plant their first try thanks to Ardron between the poles, 16-16 (43rd).

It is the turn of the White & Noir to waste a great opportunity to score, this match is in any case unbridled at will!

And following a touch stupidly lost by the Corréziens, Vaipulu, who had just returned, file to queen on his first ball, 16-23 (51st).

6 minutes later, it was Palis who flattened into a corner, further concretizing the domination of the visitors, 16-30 (57th).

Stung, the Brivists finally react, and on a well-built movement, all in speed and accuracy, it is Douglas who makes his canes speak to go to score in the corner, 23-30 (66th).

A Douglas on the verge of signing a double in stride, but Bekoshvili made a forward 5m from the line.

In the 73rd, the locals have a well-placed penalty, but prefer to hit in touch … Except that Abzhandadze is torn and does not find it, a decisive bad choice.

But in the 78th, after a touch won by Marais and a long round of rounding led by Müller in particular, Lee flattened into a corner! Unfortunately, Abzhandadze misses the transformation, 28-30.

And on the last stimulus ball, a bad pass from the Georgian opener condemns his own. Urdapilleta passes the penalty, Castres wins 28-33.

The last outing is a bit of a failure, but the defensive bonus point allows the CAB to ensure its control, we will be satisfied.