A snap, a thud and above all a strong light in the Breton sky. This is what residents of Finistère and the Brest region have heard and seen, but also from all of Brittany and southern England on the night from Sunday to Monday, shortly before midnight. Although there is no official confirmation yet, everything seems to indicate that it was a meteorite.

# Meteor in #Brittany: here is the most beautiful video – Viewsurf webcam from Arzal (56) – of this racing car that lit up the sky over northwestern France and southern England yesterday at 11:47 p.m., with this color green when it entered the atmosphere … Magnificent! # meteorite @LCI pic.twitter.com/alDMKnIs1K

The mysterious flash of light visible even in Morbihan! Here, the video from the webcam overlooking Le Bono, not far from Auray and Vannes. It gives us the exact time of the flash: 23h46 and 59s! #Brittany #Finistere pic.twitter.com/h4FRtL5nWn

“I assure you that it was impressive”, thus testifies the journalist Gurvan Musset, director of France Bleu Breizh Izel, who also evokes a “big explosion” which accompanied the luminous phenomenon. It is “a meteorite” affirms Météo Bretagne, quoted by France Bleu, and which launched a call for witnesses on Facebook.

According to Ouest-France, this light and this muffled noise have been observed everywhere in the region, from Brest to Huelgoat, via Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Mespaul or even Pont-l’Abbé and Morlaix. And the local newspaper explaining that the windows of the houses have sometimes shaken.

A testimony collected by the regional newspaper describes the scene as well. “Seen from Plouigneau (Finistère), I was outside. The sky turned green. I look up and see a bright comet or meteorite, it was awesome for five seconds. Then three minutes later this noise. Is it the impact? It looks like it. ”A meteorite is moving at tens of thousands of kilometers per hour, causing a loud noise.

This clip taken from @ShipsSolent Southampton Ferry Cam looking westwards at 2247 tonight (https://t.co/UYT9G6R7Kd for excellent 24/7 live webcams covering the port of Southampton) pic.twitter.com/BOUjA7eovo

In the UK, too, a similar phenomenon was seen around the same time, as evidenced by these images captured by a webcam in the port of Southampton on the south coast of England.

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr