People Los Angeles court withdraws guardianship of Britney Spears from father

PEOPLE Britney Spears’ financial management has been entrusted to a professional she chooses

A step towards freedom. A Los Angeles court ruled on Wednesday to withdraw Britney Spears’ guardianship from her father Jamie, in accordance with the wishes of the singer, who had described as “abusive” the measure which she is asking to be canceled. After opposing it, her father finally agreed to comply with her request in early September.

This guardianship, set up in 2008 after mental disorders manifested by the star, remains in force until further notice but Jamie Spears no longer has a say in the management of his daughter’s private life or finances. , entrusted to professionals – one for her finances and one that was already in place for her health.

The singer and her father were not present at the hearing. Jamie Spears will have to pass the orders to an accountant as soon as possible, Justice Penny added, noting that her decision was not subject to appeal.

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