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Education Minister Leonor Magtolis Briones has offered God all the challenges facing the country’s education sector and prayed that President Duterte, the staff and officials of the Ministry of Education (DepEd ) and the agency’s staunch supporters are “continuously” blessed with the uncertainties of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

The DepEd boss led the prayer for the education sector as Filipinos of all faiths are one for national healing and were there for the country to overcome the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Heavenly Father, source of all wisdom, knowledge and discrimination that we have before you, to meet the challenges we face face, share and lay at your feet in the education sector, ”she said during the interfaith prayer meeting entitled“ The Whole Nation: Pray As One! Heal as one! Interfaith Prayer Meeting for the Nation on Saturday evening May 30.

“We ask you, our President, who has consistently supported the goals and objectives of education in terms of resources, explanations and support for the decisions made by the department to bless continuously. “

She also included in her prayers those government officials who are behind the DepEd programs and initiatives.

” We also pray for our government officials, who are us all over the world Weg have supported and come to our aid, be it for funding, for a Bayanihan, for technical aspects and for government issues in the education sector. “

Briones also prayed for the DepEd staff, civil servants, regional directors, superintendents and District regulators who have worked hard to ensure the full implementation of the agency’s blended learning program.

“Finally, dear father, pray w e mainly for our staff, our director, our under-secretaries and our assistant secretaries, our regional directors as well as our superintendents and district overseers, all of us, we pray for all of them, each of them can teach us time and again, in the footsteps of your Son Jesus Kicking Christ who was the greatest teacher of all. “

” May you keep reminding us that our mandate, our mission and our instruction is to raise a child the way it should be so that they will not turn away from it in old age. “

FOCIG had urged all Christians in government along with its members, partners and stakeholders to join together in a “fast and prayer” to pray specifically for President Duterte and key government officials in the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

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