Gaël Tchakaloff, author of the book on Emmanuel Macron and his wife “As long as we are both” at Flammarion, is invited to franceinfo on Wednesday September 8th.

Gaël Tchakaloff wrote the book As long as we are both on the presidential couple Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, whom she has known since 2016. “I was struck by the transformation when Brigitte Macron approaches her passion that is education and especially literature. Faced with the students of a school that it helped to create, it was ultra alive, it made people laugh and it won over people who did not have a primary appetite for 19th century literature. century “, evokes the writer Gaël Tchakaloff on franceinfo Wednesday, September 8.

“When I announced in 2019 that I wanted to make a book, the hatches were closed on the professional aspect. I remained friends with Brigitte Macron, who respects freedom a lot. The president did not want this book, but I have had them to wear and tear, ”she explains.

“I continue to see Brigitte Macron, but I did not ask her if she had read this book, which is a taboo subject. We did not talk about it while I was writing it or after the release” at Flammarion, specifies she does.

“I wrote this book for the exceptional love story they were living. The power isolates a lot and their story has been so socially hard that they are used to being alone.” Gaël Tchakaloff quotes an elderly lady from Amiens (Somme) who told him: ‘They lived through hell. He wanted to become President of the Republic in order to impose his love for this woman on the whole of France ‘. I find it romantic “.

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