This very hot weekend has not been easy for the police at the Brest police station. In the night from Friday to Saturday alone, eleven police custody were counted. And seven more must be added between Saturday and Sunday.

While all the cases have not been disclosed, we know that, this Sunday morning, two Brest residents were referred to the prosecution, one for threatening a spouse, the other for violence against a spouse. Placed under judicial supervision, these two men will be tried in January 2022. This is not the case for a third man, referred for the same reasons, and already sentenced for similar facts. The Guilérien will sleep in prison, before being tried for immediate appearance on Tuesday.

Two other presentations to the prosecution took place this Sunday afternoon for acts of violence committed against two soldiers during the night from Friday to Saturday at the Place de la Liberté. These two alleged illegal attackers were taken into custody and will be tried immediately on Tuesday.

The account is good ? ” No. Three more deferrals are already scheduled for Monday, and it is probably not over yet. Usually we do two to three during the weekend shift. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that “, commented this Sunday evening the permanent substitute at the Brest prosecutor’s office, in office for several years.

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