Author of irregular performances with Brest, attacking midfielder Romain Faivre (23 years old, 10 games and 3 goals in L1 this season) has not escaped criticism. Many feel that his push to join AC Milan this summer is no stranger to his start to the season. This is not the young talent’s version, however.

“No, I take things on the bright side. After only one season, I was approached by a club in the Champions League and which is currently co-leader of the Italian league. It is ultra-rewarding and motivating, s’ Bleuet is defended in L’Equipe. But the very next day (of the transfer window), I got back to the Brest challenge. “

“Statistically, we can not say that I missed my start to the season. The proof, I was more decisive than last season at the same time, he compared. That can be said that I was not good in a game, no problem, I accept criticism. I also know that when the results are not good, I will be the first to be singled out. But what interests me above all , these are the results of the team. At some point, it will be in the right direction. “

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