As Brazil and Argentina clash this Sunday (9 p.m.) in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian Agency for Public Health Surveillance (ANVISA) has opened an investigation to ensure that Giovani Lo Celso, Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero and Emiliano Buendia did not violate the sanitary protocol. Under a federal ordinance dating from last June, anyone who has stayed in four countries (including the United Kingdom) for 14 days before entering Brazilian territory must submit to a quarantine.

The Argentine Federation highlights the agreement between the ten countries of Conmebol (the South American Confederation) to allow players to circulate and participate in qualifying matches as part of the health bubble. As a result, their presence during the shock on Sunday (9 p.m. French time) would not be threatened a priori.

The only concern, “the players in question, who arrived on a flight from Caracas (Venezuela) to Guarulhos (Sao Paulo airport), declared that they had not traveled to any of the four countries with restrictions during the last 14 days, explained the ‘ANVISA at UOL media. However, unofficial information has reached us about allegedly false statements made by these travelers. “

ANVISA therefore alerted another organization in charge of epidemiological investigations in the State of Sao Paulo, in order to carry out the checks. “False information provided to the Brazilian authorities can constitute health offenses and a violation of criminal laws,” warns ANVISA. A few hours before the match at the top against the Seleçao, it is impossible to exclude that the four Argentines are denied access to the stadium.