Brad Pitt presented the award for Best Supporting Actress at the 2021 Academy Awards (Los Angeles, April 25, 2021.)

The 57-year-old actor struggled to hold back his tears on Sunday, April 25, during the coronation of South Korean Yuh-Jung Youn, to whom he presented the award for best actress in a supporting role. An emotion quickly eclipsed by the hairstyle of the actor, whose bun made the heyday of Twitter.

“And the Oscar for best little bun goes to … Brad Pitt!” This is the kind of tweets that flourished on the Web on Monday, April 26. The 57-year-old actor surprised spectators at the 93rd edition of the Oscars by sporting an unexpected hairstyle. He thus appeared with a bun, on the occasion of the coronation of Youn Yuh-jung, 73, to whom he presented the prize for best actress in a supporting role for his performance in Minari. The opportunity for the actress, the first Korean winner of this trophy, to openly flirt with the one who is also the film’s executive producer. “Mr. Brad Pitt, nice to finally meet you,” she said. Where were you when we were making the movie? ”

A moment which aroused the hilarity of the assembly, but also the emotion of the principal concerned. The former Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor for Once upon a time in Hollywood, in 2020, was struggling to hold back tears after the announcement of Youn Yuh-jung’s victory. But while the cameras immortalized the confusion of the comedian, entrenched in a corner of the stage of the Union Station in Los Angeles, it is indeed the bun of the latter that caught the attention of the spectators. Who were divided on this new hairstyle: “Brad Pitt’s bun instantly ruined my evening,” wrote one of them. “It was really nice of Youn Yuh-jung to flirt with him despite his bun,” added another spectator.

Others defended the actor’s ‘man bun’: “Just when I thought Brad Pitt couldn’t be more handsome, he came to the Oscars with a mustache and a bun.” During the event, the 50-year-old also paid a subtle tribute to his former partner in Once upon a time in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio. “The nominees for the Oscar for best actor also fell in love with cinema from an early age. (…) For Amanda Seyfried, it was while watching the filmed version of Romeo Juliette (in which Leonardo DiCaprio played, Editor’s note). For me too, ”he joked. Brad Pitt will soon appear on Bullet Train, by David Leitch, alongside Lady Gaga. And could therefore sketch, in 2022, his big comeback on the Oscars scene.