There was controversy and controversy, so ask Murad Aliev, and the balance sheet was left empty. Five years after the harvest in Rio and the six “Team Solid” medals, the French Olympic boxing team has not brought back a single charm from the Olympic Games. Tokyo this summer. A disappointment â ???? all qualifiers had the potential to step onto the podium â ???? and a reminder that the path to success will be anything but easy for the pugilists who will defend the tricolor colors at home during the Paris 2024 Olympics. But France may have an advantage in its quest for battle. © dailles: the possible return of the heroes of 2016.

So they will evolve this Friday evening in the superb setting of Roland-Garros as part of their professional career, a first pugilistic for forty-seven years for the French Open. enclosure of the Porte dâ ???? Auteuil which had seen boxer in the past Marcel Thil, Marcel Cerdan or even Jean-Claude Bouttier facing the legendary Carlos Monzon, Tony Yoka (gold medalist in super heavyweight; 10-0 in the pros), Souleymane Cissokho (bronze medalist in the welterweight; 13-0 in the pros) and Mathieu Bauderlique (bronze medalist in the light heavyweight; 20 -1 among the pros) keep amateur boxing in the back of his mind without hiding a certain appetite in view of Paris 2024. Where boxing will be argued, like a nod to â € “ ?? ¦ Roland-Garros.

Since 2016, the pros can go back down to Olympic boxing to participate in the Games, like Tokyo where we saw the French Maïva Hamadouche or even the Americans Keyshawn Davis (silver for the lighters) and Duke Ragan (silver for the feathers) and the Uzbek Bakhodir Jalolov (gold for the super-heavyweights). And this has not fallen on deaf ears on the side of our former medalists. “We will open the boxing ball at Roland Garros before the Paris 2024 Games”, Cissokho recalls with a mischievous smile. Before setting foot in the dish: “Who knows? Maybe there will be some among us at the Games. As a former member of Team Solid, I tell you, we think about it. all. Personally, I have Paris 2024 in the back of my mind. “

A speech confirmed at RMC Sport, where the French boxer officiates as a consultant for the Fighter Club program and the boxing evenings, without forgetting to specify that the idea She had already titillated before the last edition of the Games: “I am more than serious. What I experienced at the Games was exceptional . I was hesitant to do Tokyo 2020 for a long time but since it has lagged by a year, I told myself that I was staying focused on my professional career But I’m not at all closed to Paris 2024. I still have Rio in my head, I want this gold medal and it will be too late afterwards So it will be 2024 or nothing. “

Current holder of the WBA Inter-Continental super-welterweight belt, which he defends this Friday against Russian Ismail Iliev, Cissokho will first have to continue on his way to his world title goal. pro before coming back to climb Olympus. “That’s what we want, of course: to have a world chance, win that belt and then focus on the Games. We keep going up, we will try to make the right fights. what it takes to climb the rankings and have this world chance as quickly as possible. It will depend on a lot of things but I think I will get my chance to do so. ? by 2023. ” Which would then open the door to the 2024 Olympic adventure. Where he could (should?) Not be alone in attempting a comeback.

“I know Mathieu Bauderlique and Estelle Moselly (in gold among the lightweight in Rio; 9-0 among the pros, note) are also thinking about it, confirms Cissokho. It may be something cool to see the boxers of Team Solid return for Paris 2024. It would be exceptional. ” Yoka, opposed this Friday to the undefeated Croatian Petar Millas for his eleventh pro fight, shares this desire even if he knows that his status and his world “conquest” launched in full media light. -popular almost forces him to achieve his goal before he can rethink the rings. “I have these Games in the corner of my head, that’s for sure, the French boxer told journalist Saïd El Abadi (CNews). Here I was unable to become world champion, it is true that that would not sound a bit like a step backwards. But if by then, I would? ? have a belt, that would be a good goal. “

And even bigger than a world belt to listen to Cissokho: “Between the two, I choose Olympic champion! It is too exceptional. For me, it is the strongest of the titles In the United States, it’s true that it’s more of a world title among the pros that counts but compared to my culture, Olympic champion, it’s incredible. world is also a title that you have forever but it doesnâ € ™ t have the same impact as being an Olympic champion. For me it’s the holy grail. there is nothing above. ” Brahim Asloum, of whom we cite much more gold at the Games in 2000 than the world pro title of 2007, can confirm.