While Lionel Messi emerges as the favorite for the 2021 Ballon d’Or, it clearly doesn’t seem to be to Tony Yoka’s liking …

Lionel Messi is now the favorite to win a seventh Ballon d’Or. Indeed, since his Copa America victory with Argentina, many observers now believe that the number 10 of FC Barcelona has won the individual grail of football, no other competitor really standing out at Chelsea (winner of the Champions League ) or in Italy (winner of the euro).

However, seeing Lionel Messi in this favorite position in the Ballon D’Or race is not to everyone’s liking. Boxer Tony Yoka is obviously one of the detractors given the very critical message against La Pulga he posted on his Instagram story.

“We live at a time when we want to give the Ballon d’Or to a player who finished third in Liga, eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions League by taking 4-1 at home (sixth year in a row being humiliated in C1), who lost the final of the Spanish SuperCup by taking a red card for giving an opponent a right… Just because he scored four goals against Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia! And it’s real, there are zero valves. PS: 29 goals in La Liga, 24 scored against the last seven in La Liga. 5 goals in the Champions League this season, 4 penalties. Messi Ballon d’Or (laughing emojis). If he wins it, it will be the ugliest and most busted Ballon D’Or in history. Winning the Golden Ball with such a bad season, scoring goals that didn’t win your team anything, zero goals against Real Madrid for four years, zero goals against Atlético de Madrid, zero against the greats clubs nothing. Thank you Eibar, Osasuna and Getafe. PS: For those who tell me about the Copa America, this competition with two groups of five teams, where the first four are directly qualified in… quarter-finals! You have no shame ? “

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