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This Monday, May 31, there are two infiltrators in Patron Incognito! Laure and Jean-François Feuillette, at the head of the Maison Feuillette bakeries and pastry shops, take part in the program together. And one of them will also very soon be alongside… Cyril Lignac!

Cyril Lignac

This is a first in Patron Incognito: in this Monday, May 31, issue, two business leaders go undercover at the same time. The spouses Laure and Jean-François Feuillette, at the head of the Maison Feuillette bakeries and pastry shops, have decided to participate together in the M6 ​​program. And they have the baggage to properly check the technical gestures of their employees! Holder of a master’s degree in pastry making, passed through the laboratory of Pierre Hermé and the kitchens of George V, Jean-François Feuillette knows what he is talking about. Ditto for Laura, holder of a pastry certificate and former employee of Ladurée. The couple bought their first bakery in Blois in 2005, transformed in 2009 into a restaurant concept closer to the tea room. Finalists of The Best Bakery of France in 2014, they have since multiplied the openings and set up a franchise. They are now at the head of a network of 38 bakeries, 18 of which are franchised. While absent from Paris and all of southern France, the Feuillettes cover a good part of France. And that’s what probably interested the production of My Cake is the Best of France, the show with Cyril Lignac.

A little over two weeks after the broadcast of Patron Incognito, Jean-François Feuillette will return to M6 in the great national amateur pastry competition. The pastry chef is the exceptional juror who will referee the final of My cake is the best of France, which will take place on Friday, June 18. This is not the first time that a Patron Incognito participant has combined programs: Marc Vanhove, founder of Bistro Régent, had also infiltrated his company before becoming one of the investors of Who wants to be my partner ?, presented by Julien Courbet.

If Jean-François Feuillette will come to taste the desserts of the finalists alongside Cyril Lignac and the other jurors of the show, it is because he has his say as boss. Because the grand prize of the competition … it’s him! The winner of My Cake is the Best of France will have their creation marketed in the 38 Maison Feuillette bakeries. Suffice to say that Jean-François Feuillette will be particularly selective in his tasting!

Cyril Lignac

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