Boris Johnson declares himself a new fan of Peppa Pig. This Monday, November 22, the Prime Minister was the guest of the annual conference of the British employers’ organization to take stock of the industry and the consequences of Covid-19 on the company. In the middle of his speech, the former mayor of London made an unexpected admission: he adores Peppa Pig. The politician had visited the amusement park dedicated to the little pink pig, created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker in Hampshire the day before, and expressed his admiration for the success of the cartoon through the world.

“For me the real lesson to be learned is the strength of British creativity. Who would have thought that a pig that looks like a dressing table or possibly a Picasso style dressing table, a pig that the BBC refused to broadcast, is now known in 180 countries with parks of? ???? attractions in the United States and China? Let a pig turn into a business that weighs at least £ 6 billion for this country – still growing? I think that’s pure genius, don’t you? No government on this planet, no official could have designed something like Peppa. “, Said the leader of the Conservative Party.

A declaration of love that did not fail to disconcert many political commentators across the Channel. TO?? on several occasions Boris Johnson seemed confused in his speech, especially when he stopped speaking for more than ten seconds. He also dared a comparison between himself and Moses about the modernization of British industry in the face of global warming. “When I came down to sign this plan, I told my assistants that the new Ten Commandments were ‘You will develop’ the offshore wind industry, hydrogen, nuclear and carbon capture ”. A speech that clearly did not meet with unanimity in the United Kingdom.