There was a stir in the theater of the Casino Barrière in Bordeaux-Lac this Sunday evening. The public, come to applaud the 15 candidates for the title of Miss Aquitaine 2021, has something of a crowd of supporters. Young women from Gironde, Landes, Basque Country, Bà © arn, Pà © rigord and Lot-et-Garonne parade in sequined dresses, their number indicated on a heart that they wear on the right arm, and there is no difficulty in locating, in the room, the relatives of one or the other. other.

It is that they do not have to be asked to shout and strongly encourage the one who is perhaps their daughter, their sister or their friend, when she presents herself on the front of the stage. Some have small balloons with the number of their candidate, others wave phosphorescent neon lights. We are witnessing the last stage before Miss France, no doubt.

Here is the hour of the speeches of the candidates and the calibrated adjectives: “ambitious”, “perseverant”, “motivated”, “dynamic” “,” Determined “. We find the expressions “heart region”, “gain self-confidence”. There are also the little bugs, the messes of stress where the tongue gets lost for a moment. And then the quotes of Saint-Exupéry or Nelson Mandela, the commitments for ecology and against serious diseases.

No more chatter: at 6:12 pm, the “traditional parade in bathing clothes” begins, says the master of ceremonies. The contestants are dressed in a red one-piece swimsuits, as the audience ignites. TO?? 6:29 pm, it is the turn of the guest star, the reigning Miss France Amandine Petit, to take the stage. Alone, and like a Marianne, she wears a large tricolor flag for the time of her painting, with a glitter pole.

In a video screened on stage, Leïla Veslard, Miss Aquitaine 2020, advises the happy chosen one who is preparing to take over from “” stay yourself ”, to“ don’t forget who she is and where she came from ”. The message has passed. And the big moment is not very far away, since the members of the jury get up to leave for a demonstration.

But before the results are announced, last year’s runners-up perform a movie tribute number. “Star Wars”, “James Bond”, “Grease” for twenty-three minutes, watch in hand.

After two hours of show and a last show in wedding dresses, the verdict finally falls: the Bordelaise Ambre Andrieu is elected Miss Aquitaine. “I don’t realize it yet, the pressure is going down, but it’s an honor to represent the region,” said the student in engineering school of 22 years old.

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