On the opposing 40 meters, Lamothe serves Roumat in the air but the maul does not manage to organize. The hooker picks up the ball and charges the defense.

Barraque kicks off the sidelines and clears his camp far ahead, in Cordero’s arms.

Seuteni try (16-9)! Trinh-Duc serves Poirot perfectly in an interval on the center line which quickly frees up for Roumat. The third line plays up to Seuteni who then makes speak his speed until the in-goal Auvergne.

The Girondins are already back on the 22 meters from Clermont but the launch of the game is not clean and Trinh-Duc finds himself under pressure.

After several exchanges at the foot, Matsushima finally found the touch within 40 meters of the UBB.

Lee attacks the line out of touch over 40 yards. Parra kicks in the wake but Cordero keeps watch and clears his turn.

Penalty against UBB in a ruck, the battle is still as intense in these phases of the game.

Lee is under pressure to receive the referral. The number eight loses the ball in favor of the UBB which gains ground in the opposing 22 meters.

Ref: https://www.lequipe.fr