Booba doesn’t intend to mince words, and continues to pick on a few rappers on Instagram. His new target for the past few days has been Ninho.

As Maes and Ninho traded story (s) about highlighting their upcoming album, Booba stepped into the debate by taking sides against Ninho.

Ironically, Maes explained that his new album would be better than Ninho’s, and vice versa for the rapper from Rec 118.

But Booba is not joking, and his story does not seem ironic. According to the Duke, Maes’ new album will be on top of Ninho’s. It is with harsh words that he addresses Ninho: “You’re a little too crazy for my taste, that annoys me.”

Before continuing: “I’m telling you, you’re going to be turned off. What Maes raps, he saw it, not like you. We don’t even know if you’ve done a GAV before. And this is only my opinion, Maes has nothing to do with this post. ” Before concluding with a simple “Maes> Ninho”.

A statement that made the majority of Internet users react, including a few, believing that Booba should not attack Ninho. Because, they say, his talent is far superior to that of B20.

Having taken cognizance of such assertions, Booba wanted to challenge his younger brother in these terms: @ninhosdt I offer you a one-one piece for song and end of the debate. If you refuse you can’t proclaim yourself king boss or whatever. I’m waiting for the date .. the day… Welcome to the nwar dead end, ”he wrote.