As Booba tackled him while preying on reality TV personalities, Sadek violently responded to the Duke this afternoon. Obviously, a violent exchange by interposed messages ensued thereafter.

After heavily attacking Leto earlier this month, Sadek attacked influencers and other reality TV personalities this weekend, particularly targeting very violently Milla Jasmine, Maëva Ghennam and Nabilla. And if this episode does not seem quite closed yet, the native of Neuilly-Plaisance (93) has still taken advantage of the last few hours to tackle a certain Booba. In question, several posts of the latter on Instagram, in which he criticized Sadek for promoting a mattress supplier, while he himself accused influencers of promoting scams. An attack to which Johnny Niuum therefore finally responded on Tuesday, August 24, first with a video posted on his Snapchat account in which he insulted him and also mentioned Kopp’s mother.

From then on, the war of words will immediately open and the two will return the ball to each other with attacks, threats and insults of all kinds. Booba will notably put on the carpet the fight in which his new rival had been involved following a traffic conflict, certain cases which had made noise on social networks but also an incident which had taken place during a showcase . For his part, Sadek will widely insult the Duke, both in public and through private messages, qualifying him in particular as a “son of a Zionist bitch”, but also by suggesting that they fix an appointment. -you. A threat that did not really seem to frighten a Booba who first quipped by offering “an octagon without Greek” to the interpreter of Little Prince, before implying later that the latter had psychological concerns. Suffice to say that this conflict is only just beginning and is likely to continue over time …