On Instagram, Booba once again took on Gims, notably using his rival’s glasses-free ID photo.

Always on the lookout when it comes to tackling Gims, Booba has once again chosen to add a layer. After violently reproaching Meugui and his wife DemDem over the weekend for a message published to celebrate the birthday of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, the Duke this time opted for a much more personal attack. On August 23, Booba once again used his rival’s now famous ID photo, in which he appears without glasses. He also added an obviously ironic comment in which he claims to have met a certain Diallo, who advised him to make peace but also to collaborate with Gims. A mission he wants to carry out, starting with a meeting he hopes to provoke. Some might even consider these words to be threats against the one who had revealed himself within the Assault Sexion …

In addition to these new attacks, he also took this Monday to confide, this time through a post, that he would soon return to the stage in order to give concerts. He could therefore quickly announce a tour to accompany his album Ultra released earlier this year, unless he prefers to limit himself to a few exceptional dates. Ready to retire a few months ago, Kopp now looks more motivated than ever, as an ambitious young artist might be looking to make his mark in the game. A motivation which is also materialized by a good productivity in terms of singles.

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