Today’s iOS tips: 5 free apps, 3 free games and 4 promotions including Things 3, Jumpy Wheels !, Tubecasts. The opportunity to save € 47 Every day, the editorial team finds you the best deals of the day on the App Store: free app, free game or on sale for a limited time. If an iOS app tempts you, hurry and download it during the sales! Developers can raise the price at any time, that’s also a good iPhone deal or a good iPad deal.

Pixen (App, iPad, v1.6.4, 5 MB, iOS 14.0, Matt Rajca) goes from € 4.99 to free.

Pixen is a professional pixel art editor designed to work with low-resolution raster images, like the 8-bit sprites found in old-school video games. With features like a unique color palette system, layers, and support for large zooms, Pixen offers all the tools pixel artists need in an intuitive, iPad-friendly interface. Pixen also makes it easy and fun to create frame-by-frame animations.
Create and arrange picture frames in filmstrip view to create animations. Pixen can import animated PNGs and GIFs, and export animations as animated GIFs, PNGs, QuickTime movies, or even sprite sheets!
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Remote Pro for Mac (App, iPhone / iPad, v2021.56, 36 MB, iOS 14.1, Evgeny Cherpak) goes from € 7.99 to free.

Take full control of your Mac: Use your iOS device as a keyboard and trackpad, and launch any app from anywhere in your home.
Tired of having to manipulate a keyboard and a mouse on your lap from the sofa to control your mediacenter on Mac? Use Remote Control on your iPhone as a trackpad and keyboard to comfortably navigate the TV. If you use AirPlay Mirroring and Apple TV, your Mac can be located anywhere in your home. Simply choose your Apple TV from the list of available AirPlay devices and control your Mac.
All you need to do is download the Mac Helper app and connect your Mac and iPhone / iPad devices to the same WiFi network.
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Tubecasts (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.3.0, 17 MB, iOS 9.0, Jianfeng Wu) goes from € 1.99 to free.

With Tubecasts App, you can play your favorite YouTube playlist in power saving mode AUDIO ONLY. The best music tracks are listed by different genres for quick listening. Genres include Christian, Classical, Popular, Country, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Soul, Electronic, Hip-hop, Reggae, Asian and Latin.
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Historico (App, iPhone, v1.2, 3 MB, iOS 14.5, Mate Papp) goes from € 1.99 to free.

Would you like to explore interesting facts about historical events that happened today? Need a great conversation piece to present to your friends? Say nothing more, Historico is here to help you!
Discover the daily events, births, deaths that have happened in history, with a clean and minimal iOS app!
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Geekbench 5 (App, iPhone / iPad, v5.4.2, 112 MB, iOS 11.0, Primate Labs Inc.) goes from 0.99 € to free.

For those who are not yet familiar with the Geekbench application, it allows you to measure the performance of your Mac or your iPhone.
Graphics card, processor, or even memory, the application lets you know everything that is going on behind the scenes of your beloved Apple computer.
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Jumpy Wheels! (Game, Sports, iPhone / iPad, v6.1, 105 MB, iOS 9.0, Tahir Akbar) goes from € 1.99 to free.

There has been a drought of water. Jump through all the objects to reach the wheel and provide water! Tap the screen to jump with the moving ball, color the wheels to get points and pass levels.
Avoid all objects with different colors of the wheel.
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Stack X (Game, Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.71.0, 11 MB, iOS 13.0, Peter Pau) goes from € 2.99 to free.

Jenga enthusiasts can head to Stack X which offers to create the largest stack of blocks possible with very simple gameplay. If you place an element incorrectly, you will have to compensate before everything falls!
It’s very pretty, ad-free and addicting. Your precision and your patience will be put to the test!
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Fiete (Game, Education, iPhone / iPad, v2.0.1, 48 MB, iOS 6.0, Ahoiii Entertainment) goes from € 2.99 to free.

Fiete is a friendly sailor who lives on an island in the open sea. In this interactive illustrated book, children from 1 to 3 years old can discover the island of Fiete and help her with her daily tasks.
Across 19 levels, you bake toast, bake fried eggs, hang socks on the clothesline, peel apples, ride car tires, load boats, pop balloons, and much more. ..
A collection of edutainment games for children.
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LumaFusion (App, iPhone / iPad, v3.0.8, 170 MB, iOS 14.4.1) goes from € 29.99 to € 19.99.

LumaFusion is the most powerful multi-track video editing software ever for mobile devices. Used by nomadic journalists, pro video directors and amateur filmmakers to tell compelling video stories, LumaFusion gives you the power and versatility to create your own story.
And thanks to our video tutorials, getting started and mastering this fabulous tool is greatly accelerated.
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FROST (Game, Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.5, 236MB, iOS 10.0, kunabi brother GmbH) drops from € 5.99 to € 0.49.

Draw paths to guide groups of spirits to their home planets. Watch countless creatures rise from the light, bring balance to a constantly moving world, and unravel its mysteries.
For the first time in your pocket: Dancing Nebula, Raging Clouds and Neutrino Flowers, all in a mind-boggling tale of attraction, interaction and transformation.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers (Game, Action / Strategy, iPhone, v3.2, 211MB, iOS 10.0, Ironhide S.A.) drops from € 2.99 to € 0.49.

Kingdom Rush is a Tower Defense that offers some essential elements that give it an indisputable supremacy over its competition. Here is the second episode with new content: enemy units, towers, heroes, consumables, environments, each of these aspects has had the right to an update.
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Things 3 (App, iPhone, v3.15.11, 97 MB, iOS 12.1, Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG) goes from € 9.99 to € 6.99.

Increase efficiency! Things, the award-winning app, helps you organize your schedule, manage your projects and achieve your goals.
Best of all, it’s easy to use. In less than an hour, you’ll know how to jot down everything from the most trivial tasks to big life projects, and better organize yourself to focus on the essentials.
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