The inhabitants of Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis) will have to return to the polls. The Council of State has just canceled, this Monday, November 22, 2021, the last municipal elections.

It’s official, the last municipal elections in Bondy are canceled. The Council of State issued its decision on Monday afternoon.

In a video posted on Facebook, the mayor of Bondy said he took note of this decision which “stems from the opposition’s maneuvers to steal the legitimacy that the Bondynois gave us last year”. Stephen Hervé (LR) is now announcing that he is back on the campaign trail “for the change at Bondy … to be a reality for a long time to come over the next few years”.

For his part, the former mayor, Sylvine Thomassin (PS), at the origin of the legal recourse, considers that this cancellation of the elections is “recognition”. “We have been treated so badly as bad losers. Today, the Council of State also recognizes that there were irregularities.” The Socialist says she is ready to go back to the campaign and believes in victory. “I think that the Bondynois did not appreciate the cheating and like democracy, so I go there serene. If the elections are clean, I will accept the result of the ballot boxes, that is all I ask: elections clean “.

Sylvine Thomassin had lost the second round of the municipal elections, in June 2020, preceded by only 64 votes by LR Stephen Hervé. She believes she was the victim of a smear campaign and refers in particular to the revelations in the press, two days before the second round, on the investigation for illegal taking of interests that targets her. “The article, truncated, was photocopied in thousands of copies and propagated throughout the city, pasted illegally on bus stops, in the RER, on cars, in letter boxes until Sunday, day of the election “, she assured, the day after her defeat.

By canceling these elections, the Council of State followed the opinion of the public rapporteur issued last September.

New elections will be organized, probably in the first fortnight of January 2022. By then, the city no longer has an official mayor, it is agents of the prefecture who will take care of current affairs, like of what is currently happening in Pré-Saint-Gervais where there too the inhabitants are invited to vote again to elect their future mayor, at the beginning of December.

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