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A New Hampshire gender reveal party was such a blast that it shook homes in neighboring towns, raising earthquake concerns – and felt across state lines in Massachusetts.

The Kingston police got it Reports of a loud explosion around 7pm. Tuesday, but when they responded to a Torromeo quarry near the New Hampshire and Massachusetts border they were faced with a blue haze – it’s a boy!

Revelers detonated 80 pounds of tannerite, an explosive compound normally sold over the counter for practicing firearms mixed with blue chalk dust. The parties told police they thought the quarry was the safest place to start the massive explosion.

“We heard this godly explosion,” neighbor Sara Taglieri told NBC 10 Boston. “It threw pictures off our walls … I’m all ready for silliness and so on, but that was extreme.” The Kingston Fire Department said they responded to at least one phone call about cracks in the foundation of a house said the New Hampshire union leader. Meanwhile, several people in nearby towns dialed 911 because they feared an earthquake might have occurred.

A woman in Plaistow, a town about 12 miles south of Kingston, believes the explosion was her tap water even made brown. Maggie Jasmine told the outlet that their water only turned brown when there was construction work on the street last year and the ground was disturbed. Her family has switched to bottled water and will not shower until the water is clear.

No one has been injured, and investigators are investigating whether there will be any property damage charges. The person who bought and lit the Tannerite has reported to the authorities, but their identity has not been released.

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