This is an advocacy book. His fourth since the start of the five-year term. This Thursday, September 9, the Minister of National Education publishes “Open School”, an account of his management of the Covid crisis during which a million teachers, school heads and all the staff of the largest administration of France continued “against all odds, he wrote, to ensure the essential, the education of our children.” “France has been one of the countries that has kept schools open the most, and even the first among OECD countries,” he emphasizes from the very first pages.

Jean-Michel Blanquer recounts through the menu the beginnings of confinement in spring 2020, installed with his close guard “day and night” in the “war room” of the ministry. How he successfully launched a daily schedule of programs on France 4 (from CP to 12th grade) and, above all, kept the pressure on the Elysee and Matignon to avoid “reconfiguring”. To impose the holding of the French baccalaureate in face-to-face in 2020, he had found the formula that hits the mark: “Rather“ Phèdre ”than Netflix”.