After 13 months of absence due to a rupture of the cruciate ligaments, Juan Bernat, left side of Paris Saint-Germain aged 28, was able to tread the lawn again, this Friday during the meeting against the SCO of Angers (2-1), as part of the 10th day of Ligue 1 2021-2022. On the airwaves of France Bleu Paris, the journalist Stéphane Bitton, returned to the return of the Spanish player, much appreciated by the supporters. And he showed his desire to see Sergio Ramos (35-year-old central defender) finally launch his season.

“It made me really happy, I even have a little chills. Juan Bernat is a boy who everyone loves and who has gone through a hell of a lot. We felt a joy for him and for the whole audience because he is a good guy. Now we want another Spaniard to experience the same thing. His name is Sergio Ramos. For now, we are still waiting to see him in the PSG jersey on the pitch. “

Bernat’s return was eagerly awaited. He is a very important, talented player who has already contributed a lot to this team and who has always displayed the right mindset. His injury was a real blow to PSG who failed to replace him last season. Hopefully Bernat manages to quickly feel physically fit. Such a long injury logically has a huge impact on the player’s physical capabilities. Even if there is a rehabilitation that is done, nothing can replace the intensity of the matches. We have already seen that he can help Paris in 30 minutes with his sense of the game and his technical qualities. There is no doubt that the Spanish side had to put all the chances on his side to come back very quickly to 100%.

35-year-old defender Sergio Ramos is also a great professional. Although he has not yet played a minute in the Paris jersey, there is no doubt that he is working intensively to regain the pitch quickly. There is also no need to rush, so it is only natural that the former Madrid player takes the time to recover, so as not to aggravate any injuries already present. Of course, we still want to see him start at PSG as soon as possible.

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