The Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix was a disaster for many drivers. This was the case with Charles Leclerc, victim of Lance Stroll following an error in judgment. That’s why Mattia Binotto suggests reviewing the cost principle following a crash.

The budgetary course has made its entry into the world of Formula 1 and has caused a lot of talk. It helps reduce the performance gap between the less competitive teams and the more competitive ones. Indeed, the budget of all Formula 1 teams has been limited to 145 million dollars.

However, this budget is seen to be tight for top teams who are used to spending three times as much in a single season. And if to that we add the losses and the crashes which are not always due to an error of the pilot itself, the result wants to be paid dearly.

This is why many teams complained about this system and in particular Ferrari and Mattia Binotto, just after the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix: “I think there is something to be discussed in the near future with the other directors. team, the FIA ​​and F1. Obviously, if you are not to blame, having such damage in the budget cap is something that is even more of a consequence now. “

However, this decision has yet to be fully taken into account by the FIA. Or at least no investigation or possible change has been mentioned by the authorities in charge of this. Mattia Binotto’s wish therefore remains on the ground but is already arousing the interest of other teams such as Red Bull, which has been mostly affected since two Grand Prix: “It is global damage. Sometimes we can damage ourselves, so it’s not just other teams that damage ourselves. Now obviously there has been a lot of talk that if there is an accident and there is a culprit driver, and you are not at fault, and you have been damaged, then should that be exempt from the budget cap? “

So it remains to be seen the next discussions and the interest of the FIA ​​and the other teams to change or not this part of the new rule: ”I think that is certainly an important point because the reason why I mentioned 2.5 million euros is to show that overall the damage can be significant. So should we be looking at some other kind of regulation in those cases? […] I think there are certainly reasons to do so. I think there are certainly no obvious solutions, but this is something that we will no doubt be discussing with the FIA, F1 and the teams in the coming weeks, possibly to address it, to see how ‘there is a solution for the future. “

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