The city may advance plans for a men’s homeless shelter at the Park Savoy Hotel near Manhattan’s Billionaire’s Row after an appeals court dismissed a lawsuit against the homeless shelter.

In a decision passed Thursday , the Albany Court of Appeals dismissed a 2018 lawsuit filed by the West 58th Coalition Group alleging the hotel at 158 ​​West 58th Street was too old and unsafe to house a 150-bed, 60.8 million men’s home US dollars to accommodate. The Daily News reported.

The lawsuit also stated that “crime and loitering” caused by the shelter was affecting the entire One57 building on West 57th Street and several other luxury developments on the block will lead to “irreparable injuries that justify an injunction” blocking the opening of a homeless shelter, “according to the New York Post.

The appeals court said an earlier decision by a Manhattan appeals court in 2019 that Sending the case back to the Manhattan Supreme Court to argue whether using a hotel as a shelter was “in line with general safety and welfare standards” was the daily news exaggerated. The state court said the Manhattan appeals court should not have tried, according to the Real Deal, to reconsider the decisions made by the city’s Department of Homelessness.

“We appreciate the courts for reaffirming the city’s resolve to help New Yorkers affected by homelessness are to provide shelter in this location and look forward to opening our doors in this location as soon as possible, “said Isaac McGinn, spokesman for the Department of Homelessness Services, in a statement.

Inquiries to the West 58th Coalition and their attorney, Jeremy Honig of Rivkin Radler, were not responded to immediately on Saturday, and it is not clear what other legal avenues are available to them Department of Buildings and Fire Brigade was inspected. The men who live at the shelter will either be “currently employed or actively looking for work,” with training and job search assistance, McGinn said. He added that the shelter will have a 10 p.m. curfew, 109 surveillance cameras in the building and on the premises, and six security guards and a supervisor on duty around the clock.

“We are confident that ours By working with our key nonprofit partners and social service neighbors through support and compassion, customers will be welcomed when they get back on their feet and we will make this the best experience in these challenging times, it can be for everyone ”, McGinn said.

It is unclear when the shelter will open, although McGinn said it will be “as soon as possible”.

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