At this point, Marvel Studios has managed to build a solid reputation for the extreme precautions with which they typically protect their productions from any kind of possible leak, although these have not been shown to be entirely foolproof, du fact that the presence of a special guest was revealed in one of his upcoming films.

Veteran actor Bill Murray, known to be one of the great legends of American comedy for his roles in films such as “Groundhog Day”, “Ghostbusters” or “Caddyshack”, revealed to have concluded his contribution in the one of the next Marvel Studios films even though the studio hasn’t even shared the news.

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Through a chat with the European environment Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeigtungMurray did not specify which character he will play in the MCU, although he did share his impressions of being a part of the project. “You know, I recently did a Marvel movie. I probably won’t tell you, but that’s okay. In any case, some were surprised to know why I chose such a project “.

Murray ensured it was very clear that he should know the director he worked with on the film. “He was funny, humble, everything you would expect of a director. And with the ‘Bring It On’ cheerleading story that he made years ago, and I think that’s pretty darn good. The claim is obvious: Murray worked on Peyton Reed’s new film.

Despite Bill Murray concluding that he is not the type of actor who is completely drawn to great superhero movies, his statement shows that he had a good time working with Marvel Studios, even if it is a unique opportunity in his career.

“Let’s put it this way, the director is a good guy and now I’ve at least had a taste of what it’s like to make a Marvel movie. But I don’t think I will need this experience a second time. Murray concludes that he’s been fortunate enough to avoid the bad people in the industry, and that most good artists are good people.

Peyton Reed has worked on each of the MCU’s “Ant-Man” installments since director Edgar Wright left due to creative conflicts with the studio. The next installment of the saga, “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”, which will again feature Jonathan Majors as “Kang the Conqueror”. The film will be released on July 28, 2023.

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