Johnny Depp has just taken a big step towards victory in his battle against Amber Heard.

The battle raged between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in court for several years now. Divorced since 2016, the actress accuses Johnny Depp of physical and psychological violence. The Depp clan accused Amber Heard of lying to obtain financial compensation. Finally, Johnny Depp, who has a passion to say the least amazing, paid the sum of 7 million euros to Amber Heard, amount that the actress had promised to give to “associations to help those who are less able to defend themselves “. The 7 million euros were to go to the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. But since then, Johnny Depp blamed his ex-wife for not having kept his word and asked that the payments be verified by the authorities.

Yesterday, the request of Johnny Depp, who had been fired from Fantastic Beasts, was accepted by a New York judge. The American Civil Liberties Union of Los Angeles will have to publish documents revealing the sum paid to it by Amber Heard. Depp and his lawyers are convinced the actress broke her word. If they are right, the non-payment of donations will be overwhelming evidence for their trial to be held in April 2022. Since the start of the case, Johnny Depp has not really disappeared from the radar, unlike these actresses and actors.