Here is one of the biggest running gag of recent years on TF1. Karine Ferri did a live ball when asking for donations against Alzheimer’s disease. And to say that it is both funny and in bad taste.

Camille Combal hosted the very first episode of the new season of “Dance with the Stars” last Friday. The latter was in charge of the solo bounty and was to hand over to Karine Ferri for the after-party of the show.

Broadcast live, for the premium and its after, the program gathered millions of viewers. For good reason, this year the famous TF1 TV show highlights stars such as Bilal Hassani, Tayc, Lââm, Wejdene and Lola Dubini. There is even the YouTuber Michou and the comedian Gérémy Crédeville.

However, on that first broadcast, which was later rebroadcast on TPMP, something rather awkward happened on set. An event that sparked many reactions on social networks. The shares were rather humorous, fortunately for the presenter. But hey, it’s making the buzz right now.

The blunder in question? Ask viewers to text “FORGET” in support of the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. A shame that made us all have a good laugh while everything was happening live.

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Of course, although the action is clumsy, Karine Ferri is asking those who can to donate for Alzheimer’s research. By typing “FORGOTTEN” during the premium at the number indicated. You can still do it according to FRM rules and type “SOUVENIR” on 92300, although the word chosen is still not in very good taste…

Of course, this ball of Karine Ferri does not fall to him. This is indeed an initiative of TF1 and not of the presenter. The word was poorly chosen, but the initiative remains very good. It should be remembered that Alzheimer’s disease affects around 60% of the 50 million people affected by dementia worldwide.

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