Battlefield 2042 is postponed and at this time no information has been given regarding its beta although there are rumors that it could arrive this week. Will the beta for the next installment take place in the next 24 hours?

The Battlefield 2042 beta is a huge mystery to the community, who are just waiting for one thing: to dive into the battlefield to wage a titanic battle with 128-player weather events, complete with modern new gear.

Currently, EA is heavily criticized for its lack of communication around the game, especially since its postponement which has surely ruined the provisional schedule of many players. No beta date has been released yet, but Amazon’s site has clearly changed its item description, indicating that beta codes will be sent to people who pre-ordered the game 24 hours before the beta launch.

In addition, as Tom Henderson – a hunk when it comes to Battlefield 2042 leaks, argues, beta codes may well be trickling out. Therefore, based on the announcements made by Amazon, the beta should be available on September 23, but this does not make sense.

Indeed, the postponement of Battlefield 2042 is by no means trivial: the game lacks optimization. Therefore, it would seem daring on EA’s part to launch its beta on September 23 without any communication on the subject beforehand. Remember that EA did not release any date. Tom Henderson is the precursor to the rumors about the date of September 23, but he also mentioned new dates for the beginning of October.

They have also started to give out codes for pre-orders. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but a “surprise” Beta drop with the original dates would be awesome right about now. It would also save me $ 700. So yeah, plz @Battlefield

As a result, even Tom Henderson is surprised that a “surprise” beta can occur, although it is not good to hope since no official information has been released yet. But we are not immune to an announcement from EA and DICE that could finally offer this gift to their community that only hopes for one thing: to play Battlefield 2042.

Note that it is undoubtedly possible that Amazon makes a mistake: therefore, do not rush into pre-orders and wait for the official announcements from EA and / or DICE. It is much safer to follow official announcements before making any purchase. Keep in mind that no date has been announced yet, and the September 23 beta seems totally illusory, unless announcements are made during the day. And if the announcements go through, we’ll keep you posted so you can plan how long it takes to participate in the Battlefield 2042 beta.

Although no official information had been announced by DICE or EA, the community could almost rejoice in a beta soon or soon, as we could fear the beta seems to be postponed too.

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