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On Saturday night, the Washington Wizards will be the Philadelphia 76ers for Game 3 of their first round in the Eastern Conference playoffs Let’s take a closer look at the top tips for Sixers vs. Wizards Game 3 players and make some predictions for the NBA playoff matchup on May 29, 2021.

The Philadelphia 76ers are kicking off on Saturday night with a strong 2-0 lead over the Washington Wizards after they had a dominant 120-95 win on Wednesday night. Russell Westbrook left Game 2 early with an injury while Bradley Beal and Co. were doing their best to keep the game close but it was all in vain when Philadelphia rolled out to a 25 point win. As the first round shifts to the US capital, one has to wonder if the wizards could overcome the possible absence of Westbrook, whose status remains in question as of Saturday afternoon.

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In Wednesday’s Game 2 loss, the Wizards were led by superstar guard Bradley Beal, who shot 14-28 off the field on his way to a 33-point performance. Rui Hachimura, 11, Daniel Gafford, 11, Westbrook, 10 and Ish Smith, 10 were the only other players to score double-digit points for Washington. Sixers point guard Ben Simmons’ aggressive play resulted in a superb line of 22 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. Joel Embiid scored 22 points in just 26 minutes, while Tobias Harris added 19 of his own.

Will Washington cause a stir at home or will Philadelphia choke this streak with a win?

Sixers forward Tobias Harris, has taken his game to the next level for Philadelphia and offers a legitimate option for the second rating alongside MVP finalist Joel Embiid. In Game 1, Harris accumulated 29 points in the first half on the way to a 37-point performance while Embiid was in dire straits. In Game 2, Harris disappeared from the field, shooting 9-13 (69.2%) in competition. In a 25-point blowout win he ended up with 19 points in just 23:17.

While you can get 20 points at Harris with FanDuel Sporstbook at odds of -154, there are potential deviations that lead to it that Harris could do as well with 15 points as he could crack 24. Instead, it’s worth taking a look at Harris’ restorative trends this series and this season as a whole.

Having pulled 6 rebounds in Game 1, Harris was an even more impressive beast on the boards in Game 2, that brought down 9 fewer rebounds in almost 14 minutes. Including his last regular season game, Harris has recorded at least six rebounds in three consecutive competitions. Perhaps an even more encouraging trend was Harris’ ability to bounce off the Wizards throughout the season. He had 8 rebounds in the first regular season between the teams, 7 in their second matchup and 8 in their third contest in just 23:28 of the game.

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It might seem a bit strange to see Joel Embiid as an intermediary, or at least one of the worth the money as a recommended player prop for Game 3, but he’s been one of the series all season, as well as against Washington in general. Embiid has made three assists in each of the first two games of this series, despite playing in around 28 minutes per game.

Having only given two assists at the regular season opener against the Wizards, Embiid had five on January 6th Aides and three assists on March 12th before he suffered a crack in his knee that cost him 10 games and likely the league MVP.

At -130 odds, the potential payout doesn’t come with a ridiculous one Multiplier, but the serial trend and Embiid’s versus the wizards overall this season should offer a bit of comfort considering this market with over 2.5 assists.

On the one hand, it may seem a little crazy versus MVP- Finalist Joel Embiid to bet, but when it comes to taking the stone, Bradley Beal is as elitist as they come. Beal was on track to win the league title until a hamstring injury cost him three of his team’s last four games. On a positive note for Beal and his team, concerns about the ongoing negative impact of the injury have disappeared as he has scored 33 points in each of the first two games of this playoff streak. Keep in mind that prior to his hamstring injury, Beal lost 50 points to the Pacers after scooping 42 and 28 points, respectively, against the Bucks and Raptors. He also put up a ridiculous 60 points against the Sixers in the second meeting of the regular season.

Embiid is not a goalscorer as he scored 30 points in Game 1 and 22 points in Game 2. The problem is that the Sixers were so dominant in large sections of this series that Embiid didn’t crack 30 minutes of action in either game. On the other hand, Beal played 40:59 in Game 1 and 34:36 in Game 2. Since the severity of Russell Westbrook’s injury is uncertain from Saturday afternoon, it stands to reason that Beal has even more field attempts than the 25.5 he averaged should achieve so far in the series.

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