They still don’t know what they will do with the Berserk story, but it looks like the thing after Kentaro Miura’s death won’t continue. But of course later you see the spoilers of the Berserk 364 manga and you say, “It can’t end like this. “

September 10 is the release date for the supposed final chapter of Berserk. The story of Guts and Company seems to end with an open ending. This chapter, which will be released in a few days, has not been completed by Kentaro Miura. Thanks to his assistants and the editor behind the manga, they were able to complete it, although the last page of this Berserk 364 manga and which you can see here is drawn by him.

Well, yes, this is about the appearance of Griffith crying, and according to several translations of what he says in Japanese, he is supposed to be asking for help (pending an official translation).

In this article, you have the leaked images from the manga that are already roaming the internet from side to side. Right now, Berserk and the 364 manga is a trending topic on Twitter after showing the footage. As for the complete manga (it will be released on September 10), unless it is officially published as Manga Plus does with One Piece, Dragon Ball Super or others, in we do not put links to unofficial external manga sites.

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