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Bernadette Chirac has always been in rivalry with her daughter Claude. The latter also did everything to dismiss her mother when her father became president. When the latter was inaugurated, the former first lady also experienced great humiliation.

Mother-daughter relationships are not always straightforward. Especially at the highest peak in the state! This is what Catherine Nay confirms in her book You know it well, time passes, where she talks about her memories and her experience alongside political figures. At the microphone of Europe 1, the journalist thus unveiled her most crisp anecdotes about Bernadette Chirac that she knows well since they met regularly at the hairdresser. “A special moment” during which the political columnist was able to discover the very special personality of the former first lady of France. Catherine Nay also unveiled the very complicated relationship between Jacques Chirac’s wife and her daughter Claude. The latter was indeed in constant rivalry with her mother who, for her, could tarnish the image for her father president.

“Claude had thought that his mother, who was bourgeois, embodied a world that was not modern. She had a physique which, perhaps, did not rejuvenate her father so she wanted to dismiss him”, confided Catherine Nay , who witnessed a humiliating scene for Bernadette Chirac, on the day of her husband’s investiture ceremony. At the Elysee, the former first lady has indeed suffered the worst shame. “She twists her foot on the red carpet and everyone laughs, said the journalist. She had grown a bit, it’s true, she had changed her figure a little. And Claude had said to us: ‘oh mum has grown a lot! ‘Le Figaro Magazine had just said:’ With the election of Chirac, France is getting a facelift. ‘So there it became a false advertisement. Bernadette had the silhouette of a woman of her age and so Claude did everything to remove it “.

A mother-daughter rivalry which, however, did not harm Bernadette Chirac. The latter continued its path by leading its own policy with “a sense superior to that of Claude”, assured Catherine Nay. General Councilor of Corrèze from 1979 to 2015, respected and listened to, the wife of Jacques Chirac has proven during all these years that she had especially gained weight in the hearts of the French.

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