Benoît Paire has finished his last-minute shopping before each match to randomly equip himself with the clothes available in the tournament shops. Without an equipment supplier since the beginning of the year, the recent quarter-finalist of the Cincinnati tournament begins this Monday a new contract with the Celio brand, with whom he signed for a year from this US Open.

Claiming that he dressed like a Sunday player in the manner of Monsieur Tout-le-Monde, the Frenchman drew the attention of the leaders of the ready-to-wear brand who contacted him after a article on the subject. Not used to sponsoring athletes, the brand saw an opportunity to develop in this sector. The Frenchman had explained that he was looking for an equipment supplier to at least finish the season. The deal was made in 24 hours between the two parties.

The image of the player, who has returned well in recent weeks after months of dragging his spleen on the courts because of the health constraints imposed on the players, pleased the sign. “He is grumpy, he is so French and so normal”, judges the chairman of the management board Sébastien Bismuth. This collaboration does not put an end to the Frenchman’s plan to create his own brand with … a cocktail glass for a logo. Negotiations on this subject will continue later.

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