At the moment, the trailer for the film In his lifetime by Emmanuelle Bercot is circulating everywhere. Actors are invited to television sets to promote them. In particular, Benoît Magimel and Catherine Deneuve. The actor plays the character of a man affected by illness. This one is doomed which makes the story tragic. To play the protagonist, the actor had to completely change his appearance. Notably, great weight loss. We reveal to you some information that he confided to Télé Star during an interview. This transformation was dazzling for Benoît Magimel and he was even scared …

On November 24, it will be the official theatrical release of the film Of His Lifetime. Directed by Emmanuelle Bercot, with a crazy cast. Indeed, you will find Catherine Deneuve, Benoît Magimel as well as Cécile de France and Mélissa George. The characters have crossed destinies, because they are all concerned more or less by the disease. In the lot, you have Benjamin, the main hero of the film who is doomed. To play this role, Benoît Magimel had to put in a lot of effort and had to put his body to work. Indeed, the actor was forced to make some pretty significant physical changes. To appear as a weakened and sick person, he lost a lot of weight.

To lose weight, there are not thirty-six solutions, you have to have a very supervised lifestyle. Benoît Magimel explains to Télé Star journalists that he “had to go on a draconian diet”. By accepting the role, he was forced to organize his life around his weight loss goal. Thus, he has no choice but to impose on himself “a rigorous discipline of life”. For example, he took up a lot of sports, especially running. And, also “to drink a lot of water”. The result is truly amazing. Indeed, he says: “I lost about twenty pounds in four months! “. A fine performance in record time, but also tough for the body. This inevitably has consequences, in any case psychological, to be sure.

Benoît Magimel was overwhelmed by this important change. When he uncovers himself as he continues to lose weight, he shocks himself… “Seeing my emaciated head in the mirror scared me,” he recalls during the interview. The actor also admitted that filming was not always easy. He describes himself as “a very sensitive person” who “cried a lot during the takes”. Indeed, it is not easy to blend into a dramatic character who is about to die. He adds the following: “I couldn’t find any light in this story. It took those interruptions to filming to be able to take a step back “.

DE SON VIVANT, to be found in 3 days, on November 24 at the cinema.
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Indeed, several “interruptions” took place during the shooting. And, not only because of the moods of Benoît Magimel. But, due to Catherine Deneuve’s stroke. The actress did not recover from this incident in her life right away. She had to rest for several months to recover. She explained, “Me, I had a very slight dismay and then there you go. So I was extremely lucky, it was still quite light, with painful consequences, but quite light “. Lucky she was in the hospital when it happened. Thus, it could be taken care of immediately by the doctors.

She calls the tragedy that happened to her “love at first sight” because the accident was “violent, rapid and short”. Indeed, a rather funny parallel, when we know that the finality is not quite the same. In any case, Catherine Deneuve fought to the end to heal herself quickly and finish shooting this film. Once again a great ordeal. Finally, the two main actors each experienced an incredible upheaval to make this feature film. For that reason alone, you have to go see the film! And give us your opinion …

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