On Foot, on Horseback, and in Carriage (1957) Everyone Thronged, Breathless (1959) and by A Funny Sunday (1958) – one where Les Tricheurs (1958), Drunkards and Other Thugs were out, telling their bitch of the moment an imperative “Be beautiful and shut up!” »(1957) -, to go shut up A double tour (1959) in a dark room and see The Distractions (1960) of a thug, A Named La Rocca (1961), moved that they refused to give him the good Lord without confession, despite the absolution of the benevolent Léon Morin priest (1961). Abandoning, Moderato cantabile (1960), La Française et l’Amour (1960), he had already flown in Class all risks (1959), on the other side of the Alps, La Lettre d’une novice (1960) in pocket, to get lost in the depths of La Ciociara (1960) or La viaccia (1961), in search of famous loves (1961). Admittedly, when one is young and impetuous, romantic disappointments are not The Sea to Drink (1960), subject, however, to remember that a woman is a woman (1961).

Be that as it may, not a Cartouche (1961) of his immense talent will miss its target, in particular that of the immense Jean Gabin, this old Monkey in winter (1962) who will hardly be mistaken, although not being L’Aîné des Ferchaux (1963), while his brilliant younger brother, Doulos (1962) repented, will accept for One hundred thousand dollars in the sun (1964) to be a little L’Homme de Rio (1963). However, By a beautiful summer morning (1964), abandoning La Chasse à l’homme (1964), he chose L’Échappement libre (1964) and left – not without having taken a few treats he loved, including Dragees with peppercorns (1963) – A weekend in Zuydcoote (1964) to attend the extravagant Tribulations of a Chinese in China (1965) that he ultimately missed, retained by a certain Pierrot le fou (1965), who, to an air of Piaf, did not stop harassing him: “Hey! Say, is Paris burning? (1965) ”.

This Tendre Voyou (1966) charmer loved nothing less than being a Thief (1966) in his spare time, on the condition of being scammed by a solid Brain (1968) without managing, however, to escape the bewitching clutches of La Mississippi Mermaid (1969). “Ho! “(1968), once called Annie Girardot,” you are a man who pleases me “(1969). No doubt she found him irresistible, with his Stetson screwed on his head, even when he preferred to do his hair more becoming Borsalino (1970) before performing The Heist (1971) of the century. But it is not Spaggiari who wants and La Scoumoune (1972) can fall on anyone, Héritier (1973) victim of fate, Magnifique fouanté (1973) or notorious Stavisky (1974). The Incorrigible (1975) will redeem itself, despite everything, on the rooftops of Paris, in pursuit of a dangerous psychopath spreading a sinister Fear over the city (1975). He would eventually have it, earning the flattering nickname L’Alpagueur (1976). The Animal (1977) will repeat in his obsessive quest for the Body of my Enemy (1976), as he will keep repeating to himself.

But, whether he had been a Cop or a Thug (1978), there will always remain in our hearts this highly funny and witty Guignolo (1979) who swooned over “all the charm of the Orient. Half hemlock, half Turkish delight; in short, the alternative Koran ”. A true Professional (1981), L’As des as (1982) could one say, a thousand leagues from the Marginal (1983) that certain Morfalous (1983), Rastignac with the long teeth of the cinematographic microcosm, might have wanted that he was. Vaudevillesque crook, tough or womanizer, he had no equal in wishing an unforgettable Happy Easter (1984) to the Brides of the Year II (1971), while in Solitaire (1986) jaded, he missed his last Hold-up (1985). In the midst of Les Misérables (1994), during One Hundred and One Nights (1994), he will meditate on the Route of a spoiled child (1988): his own. Lost in endless thoughts, he had a One in Two Chance (1997) of not hearing Désiré (1995) slam the door in the face of L’Inconnu dans la maison (1992).

The fact remains that this sacred monster, if he has undoubtedly collected successes, will unfortunately also have straddled the worst chicks, much more in Amazon (2000), by the way, than as a distinguished rider. In 1999, Bertrand Blier summoned him one last time among Les Acteurs (2000). However, Only A Man and his Dog (2008) is his final film. His film too much? Maybe (1999).

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