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The manager is deprived of a plethora of executives and paradoxically has free rein for his ideas. More defensive?

In mid-August, barely appointed to the head of the Swiss team, Murat Yakin multiplied the interviews to give the good word. The charming number is natural for him, a second nature, a strength. Three weeks later, the seduction is still present, but almost contrite. He was due to inherit Switzerland’s all-time best team to challenge Italy this Sunday at his home in Basel? He will have to compose without Xhaka, Shaqiri, Embolo, Gavranovic, Freuler or Mbabu.

In mid-August, Murat Yakin spoke of the game, the creativity, the achievements of this Switzerland brought up by Petkovic, this heritage that he would obviously cultivate. We must always beware of the opposite, with the Balois. He had slipped in a sentence that was by no means innocent, immediately referring to a meeting of the Euro. Not the happiness against France in the round of 16, not the heroism against Spain in the quarter-finals. This match was Italy-Switzerland, the defeat of Rome, the penalty 3-0, without appeal. “We must review what did not work,” he said already.

The captain refused to be vaccinated. He is now positive for Covid and will be missed by the Swiss team. Problem?

One-on-one meeting with the new Swiss coach. Personality, tactics, criticism: he answers everything.

By refusing to participate in a campaign for vaccination against Covid, ASF is in turmoil. Close-up on the beginning of a controversy.