Bear quarterback Nick Foles can have a little too much say in potential trade talks.

It’s no secret that the Chicago Bears are open to trading with Nick Foles – but the former Super Bowl MVP appears to have some degree of control over his own destiny that many fans and analysts find difficult to understand Asked about the trade speculation surrounding his team’s third quarterback, Bears head coach Matt Nagy said on July 31st: “Absolutely. You’re talking about a Super Bowl MVP and a guy who plays a lot He’s had a really interesting career in so many ways that I think he deserves it. I mean, everyone who’s had their career is someone who will always be – for all teams, as a player third row – teams will watch out for guys like him. “

Foles is slated to earn a base salary of $ 4 million this season, and his contract has a cap hit of $ 6,666,666 and a dead- Cap value of $ 14,333,334 per Spotrac. De r seasoned quarterback doesn’t have a no-trade clause, but he can if the latest report courtesy of Albert Breer is some truth about it.

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In his August 30th MMQB column for Sports Illustrated, Albert Breer reported, “The bears will be listening to Nick Foles, but I’ve had the feeling that they are him for a long time won’t send where he doesn’t want to go. “

While news like this also smells like other teams have very little interest in him, Go Long’s Ty Dunne reported earlier this year that Foles had a trade on former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, had turned it down, and the Super Bowl MVP said he’d prefer to be swapped somewhere he’s comfortable in early August.

But why are the Bears giving their quarterback the third string so much power? Twitter certainly had a few things to say about this, with many commenting that the bears are currently being “held hostage” by Foles:

It is probably quite normal for the bears to be 3rd from their QB

Nick Foles is kind of holding the Bears hostage. And now, by and large, I think of Ryan Pace’s offseason and 😳 😬 😱.

As analyst Johnathan Wood points out, the bears must accept whatever is offered to them – if anything is offered at all – which would likely only be a seventh round election:

Bears aren’t getting much for Foles, their goal is to get out of his contract. So the actual translation here is, “Nobody Nick is willing to go has offered anything else”

I would think that a conditional selection in the 7th round would be made at any point in the future.

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Sure it was with and third, but Foles went out with a bang in Chicago’s last preseason contest against the Tennessee Titans, completing 10 of 13 passes for 142 yards and two touchdowns. He finished the game with a score of 151.3. Whether or not it was a feat that made every team pick up their contract is another question. “I was really excited to see how he came in and played,” Nagy said of Foles’ last on August 30th Performance in the preseason.

“I thought no matter where he played in the game and with whom and against whom he played, he was leading the offensive efficiently. There were times when they did cover-0 and he got rid of the ball. … They did it twice, they gave us a zero and he wasn’t hit because he knew what to do with the football. What a great teaching tool to show these other guys, hey, on this offensive you better get your eyes back and look. … I think being able to help these guys is good and great for Nick. ”

It would be valuable to have a wise vet advising rookie Justin Fields, but it’s certainly not worth what the bears do for their third QB pay. Considering he’s sporting another $ 10.6 million cap hit in 2022, the bears should listen when someone calls whether the team has Foles’ stamps of approval or not.

Sure, we’re trading Foles, he’s retiring, we’re losing our trade allowance, but we’re getting out of the contract.
What REALLY defines this plan is that it destroys our credibility with the players and no one will ever feel good again if they sign with us again.