This Friday morning, at 8:45 am, a fire broke out in the stairwell of a three-story apartment building, in the neighborhood of Petit Bayonne. At 45 rue Pannecau, more precisely.

If the flames were quickly contained, the thick smoke, on the other hand, gained all the floors of the building and was particularly concentrated in the building. top floor apartment. The tenant of the premises, evacuated, was transported in a light condition to the Bayonne hospital center, by the Samu, for medical examinations.

Four other people were rescued from their windows, by firefighters, using sliding ladders and a large ladder. About thirty firefighters, but also municipal police and public security were present on the scene.

The smoke was also particularly visible on the side of the rue des Tonneliers, parallel to Pannecau, where police officers from the Public Security evacuated the inhabitants of there. adjacent building.

No injuries are to be regretted. A dog, who stayed in an apartment, was even rescued by the firefighters. The latter are always on site to secure the premises.

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