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Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa was on Tuesday, Aug. 31, appointed vice chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara, chairman of the committee, informed the Senate of Dela Rosa ‘s appointment after Senator Panfilo Lacson vacated the post .

“We’re lucky because one of the committee members has agreed to admittedly follow in the footsteps of Senator Lacson len, ”Angara told his colleagues during the Chamber’s plenary session.

Dela Rosa will chair Subcommittee C of the Finance Committee and defend the proposed budgets of the agencies previously overseen by Lacson.

This includes the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the Department of National Defense, the Office of the Presidential Advisor to the Peace Process.

The former Philippine National Police (PNP) is also mandated to sponsor the Dangerous Drugs Board, which includes its enforcement arm, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, heard.

At the same time, Dela Rosa would also consider the proposed Human Rights Commission budget.

Lacson resigned as vice chairman of the Senate Finance Committee prior to deliberations on the proposed national budget of 5.024 trillion pence for 2022 audit reports about government spending.