Former partner of LeBron James on the side of the Miami Heat, Udonis Haslem witnessed a surreal scene with a supporter. An anecdote that U.D. did not fail to tell.

When he still wore the colors of the Miami Heat, LeBron James was often taken in flu by supporters. And as Udonis Haslem revealed, there were even instances where King James was directly insulted. In an interview with GQ, the former Miami Heat resident recounted a surreal scene he witnessed with LeBron James.

“Back in the Heat days we were on the go and we were all looking for a place to eat quickly. And at one point a guy yelled, “Hey LeBron! “. LeBron naturally turned around, and at that exact moment the man in question started screaming, “Fuck you!” “. He said that to LeBron James… For no reason whatsoever. We resumed our journey but in my head I vowed never to let this go again. It was then that I really understood what LeBron was going through every day. I know that if someone I don’t know says the same thing to me on the street unexpectedly, I can’t guarantee that everything will be okay for them. This was what he went through every day, I had to support him. I insulted the guy back, LeBron didn’t say anything, “Udonis Haslem said.

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