Limoges CSP suffered but won against a team from Fos sur Mer declined following cases of Covid.

The Limoges CSP had the greatest difficulty in getting rid of Fos sur Mer this Thursday evening at Beaublanc despite the absences of the leader and the rear holders of Fos last minute packages due to Covid. But the Limougeauds still won in this match of the 13th day of the French basketball championship with Demonte Harper in the role of MVP with 22 points, 3 assists and 15 evaluation. Next and last match of 2021 Monday at 8 p.m. in Villeurbanne.

If Limoges CSP quickly took control of this match with a lead of ten points, Fos sur Mer never gave up. Dominant on the rebound, Rémi Giuta’s players, deprived of their leader and their starting back because of Covid, also defended much better after returning from the locker room. What to come back little by little on the heels of the CSP. But logically tired when they were only playing at 7, they finally gave in 75 to 67 against Limougeauds who were able to count on a Demonte Harper who over the weeks continues to assert himself as the boss he had to be on arrival.

After a year without playing, it took a little while for Demonte Harper to regain all his feelings. But in recent weeks, he has continued to improve, like his 3-point address, once again on Thursday night against Fos sur Mer. The US combo logically ended this meeting’s MVP with 15 points, 3 assists and 22 evaluation in 28 minutes.

The US interior will only have been on the floor for 13 minutes and that seems logical. Especially since his address was not there Thursday evening. He finished 1 in 5 in shooting and -2 in evaluation in 23 minutes.

Demonte Harper, Limoges CSP leader: “We expected a difficult match. It’s always scary when the score is tight at the end of the match. But the most important thing is to have won. Sometimes in basketball, You have this kind of game. Not very good games. But luckily tonight, we won. “

Massimo Cancellieri, Limoges coach: “I was prepared and I tried to prepare the team for this kind of match. These are matches that we have to win. I’m only happy with the victory. Honestly in This match, I wasn’t expecting us to play good basketball but to win the match. And that’s what we did. That’s why I’m happier today ‘ hui than Monaco. In Monaco, for various reasons, it was the perfect situation to try to win the game. Tonight was the perfect situation to lose it. The point is that we won it. I’m super happy. “

Edouard Choquet, leader of Fos-sur-Mer: “We started the match very badly. Given the context (2 major players withdrawn due to Covid), we may have started a little defeatist by telling ourselves that A few major players were missing. We maybe didn’t believe it enough and we were a little walked on at the start. In the 1st half, we didn’t believe enough. In the 2nd half, we came back with good intentions. We defended well and we hindered them. When we see their coach ready to throw a chair on the field, we say to ourselves that there may be a blow to be made. It’s a shame but like that Said the coach, there are good things to take away. Disappointed to lose but proud of what we produced. We made them doubt until the end “.

Rémi Giutta, coach of Fos-sur-Mer: “There is no logic. It is incomprehensible that we are being played today. It is disrespecting humans. Today, we can “To be triggered off at the start of a cluster. That’s the reality. I can’t understand the logic. There are a lot of people who are going to meet up as a family. It’s making people take an ill-considered risk. I don’t admit it. “

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