CRITICAL – In Bartabas and Tsar, silent talks, Jackie Bastide films the creator of the Zingaro theater in his academy in Versailles and reveals the fusional relationship between the artist and the artist. ???? one of his mounts. Awesome. Do not miss this Friday October 8 on France 5 at 10:25 pm.

A man, a horse. Bartabas and Tsar, embarked on a silent interview. Jackie Bastide’s film works in the most intimate of their bond. An hour in black and white filmed behind closed doors in the large rectangular merry-go-round that the architect Patrick Bouchain designed for the Equestrian Academy of Versailles, cathedral of wood and sand, very different from the pagan and circular track of the Zingaro Theater in Aubervilliers. On the small side, sacred statues: a head of Bucéphale radiating above the door and, framing it, the bark of ?? a horse, cut in half, forehand on one side and hindquarters on the other. Opposite, bleachers and, along the long sides, these mirrors where the lambda rider controls the pace with a discreet glance. general of the couple that he forms with his mount. Bartabas, who in his productions has created so many images, no longer controls his. He is elsewhere, beyond. In the journey of his life as a squire.

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