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Life as a couple is not easy for everyone and some couples decide not to live under the same roof. Like Thomas Pesquet and his partner Anne Mottet, Barbara Schulz and his partner Arié Elmaleh have opted for this way of life. It is the brother of Gad Elmaleh who evoked last April their romance, and more particularly their break up almost three years ago, in L’Instant De Luxe. “It’s one of the hardest things I’ve experienced in my life,” he said.

Since 2015, they love each other. However, there is no question of living under the same roof. “We are the age we have, we had other lives, children, summarized the 49-year-old actress in the show C à Vous. And all my friends who are in a relationship tell me: ‘N ‘don’t live together’! ” The father of Isaac, 10, and Amalia, 7, the children he had with Virginie Ledoyen, and Barbara Schulz therefore spent the confinement separately. While he looked after them, the actress took care of her own children: Minne, 16 years old and Jérémy, 9 years old, fruits of her romance with the advertising man Romain Hatchuel.

If they do not share their daily life in the same accommodation, this obviously does not prevent them from being in love with each other. Arié Elmaleh admitted to having suffered greatly from their recent breakup. “We do not realize it but a rupture, it is a suffering. It completely weighed me down. I was very in love, he declared on this subject. It is a wound of pride. terrible.” It was after playing the play La Perruche together for two years that the two lovers decided to go their separate ways. He admitted how difficult it was to “act out the story of a breakup by being in a relationship yourself”. They eventually found each other, in love and living apart.

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