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the balance goals for the upcoming patch 11.18. Champions to be stepped up include:

Gangplank was one of the strongest champions in the current patch, and GP One-Shot Squishy Champions have carried over most of last week’s League of Legends Mondays. It is certainly a surprise that Riot chooses to further buff this champion, and we can expect him to take over the top lane meta.

Talon, Zed and Qiyana are three AD assassins who are the Buffs obtained for the jungle position. Lowering Qiyana’s attack speed bonus from her W a few months ago made her jungle significantly worse, and undoing that change could push her back into the jungle.

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League of Legends – Gangplank

The trundle support was one of the most selected supports in the previous LEC playoffs. Its ice pillar (E) has the potential to completely lock targets if properly placed. It seems like Riot doesn’t really like him in this position and we’re going to see a trundle nerf targeting his support power.

Aphelios and Ashe were also two of the strongest champions for the ADC role in the weekend professional League of Legends. Ashe has the ability to step into fights using her Ultimate, while Aphelios seems likely to be the strongest team-fighting AD carry right now.

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