In 1990, after the success of the first two opus, “Back to the future 3” was born. The opportunity for Robert Zemeckis to conclude an emblematic trilogy of American cinema, but above all to pay a superb tribute to “Once upon a time in the West”.

In 1985, Robert Zemeckis set out to make his mark in American entertainment cinema. Indeed, the director, accompanied by the duo of actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, bring Back to the Future to life. Despite sometimes mixed returns at the time, the feature film quickly became a classic among classics. At the box office, the work grosses more than $ 381 million in revenue, on a budget of $ 19 million. Faced with this incredible triumph, Universal Pictures decides to embark on the production of two suites.

In 1989, Back to the Future 2 was born, and brought in more than $ 332 million in revenue. But the shooting of the film is quite trying for Robert Zemeckis. Indeed, Back to the Future 2 and 3 are conceived as a single film, and are shot at the same time. A grueling exercise for the filmmaker, obliged to shoot Back to the Future 3 during the day, and to edit the previous part at night. In the end, it all ended well as Back to the Future 3 grossed over $ 245 million in revenue, and the trilogy has become immensely cult!

For the few people who have not yet seen Back to the Future 3 at the back of the room, this new opus takes the two protagonists back to the time of the Wild West, in the 1880s. A dangerous time, during which Marty was born. he only has five days to find Doc and bring him back alive to the present.

Obviously, given that the film is set in the days of the Old West, Robert Zemeckis did not hesitate to pay tribute to some iconic westerns. Obviously, several winks are addressed to Clint Eastwood. Already, Michael J Fox takes the pseudonym of the actor during his crossing of the Wild West. But in a more subtle way, during his duel with Tannen, Marty hides a cast iron plate under his poncho for protection. This is a reference to For a Fistful of Dollars, where Clint Eastwood uses the same process.

But the best nod comes from Sergio Leone’s massive classic Once Upon a Time in the West. Indeed, Robert Zemeckis chose the iconic film of the Italian director to mark the arrival at Marty station in the Wild West. The filmmaker modeled his scene on that of Once Upon a Time in the West. Thus, the sequence resumes the entry into Flagstone station of Claudia Cardinale, a way for Zemeckis to pay homage to the undisputed master of the western:

With “Barbaque”, Fabrice Éboué is part of a different genre than the one in which we could see him at work with, for example, “Case Départ” and “Coexister”. A successful and promising development that we were able to discuss with him, a “King of Comedy” on the way to becoming a unique filmmaker in the French landscape. Meet.

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