Not really a regular in the genre, Axelle Laffont has nevertheless taken a rather particular pose in recent days. Indeed, the actress chooses to appear on social networks without any clothing! The 50-year-old actress actually amazes her fans with this choice. However, this decision has a very specific purpose! Objeko explains which one.

Which fly stung Axelle Laffont? Indeed, her followers were very surprised to discover the fifties on a snapshot on which she appears in the simplest device. But in reality, this post has something to do with current affairs. After very difficult months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, France has truly embarked on an intensive vaccination campaign. Still lagging behind some of its neighbors, the country has decided to broaden its action so that a large part of the population can quickly be protected from the coronavirus. Axelle Laffont seems, in any case, very happy to be vaccinated too today and has chosen to let it be known!

Although some continue to decry this method of fighting the virus, it seemed important for the actress to take action. After receiving her first dose, Patrice Laffont’s daughter therefore shares this moment with her fans this Monday, May 17. In this frame, she then appears in a photo without any clothing. Indeed, Internet users discover the young woman lying on a tennis court by displaying her pretty figure. A very rare opportunity to discover Axelle Laffont on a rather astonishing shot. Although in reality this is not exactly the first time she has engaged in this kind of session. Indeed, the director of MILF does not seem to have any complex in the matter. Objeko explains everything to you.

Indeed, for Carte Blanche in the Grand Journal in 2015, Axelle Laffont already agreed to appear in front of the cameras without any clothing. Just like in 2008, when Playboy devoted an entire page of its magazine to it. But this May 17, the goal was quite different. Since the point was to draw attention to the importance, according to her, of being vaccinated against Covid-19. She therefore shares a photo with a simple word “vaccinated” in the caption.

Thus, Axelle Laffont was able to count on a large number of messages of support, both from anonymous people and celebrities. Emmanuelle Béart also gave her a nice emoji in the form of a flame. While Mélanie Maudran quipped on this cliché: ”I want this vaccine“. Finally, Shirley Bousquet commented with humor that she too had been approached to appear without any clothes in order to support the vaccination campaign: “It’s strange, isn’t it? “. In any case, the 50-year-old will have made a very noticeable outing by showing off like this. Perfectly, at ease with her image, the famous actress takes it all in. A state of mind that she readily shares in several interviews. Objeko is therefore coming back to one of them for you.

In an interview with Here when she released her show in 2015, Axelle Laffont did agree to talk about her physical appearance. “I was criticized for being thin and called anorexic. So, yes, I am very thin at the moment because I gave myself completely to this show (…) ”. During this exchange with journalists, the actress and director also spoke of the passing years. She said that she did not want to talk to people of her age, even though it was not actually a problem for her. Axelle Laffont truly assumes the passage of time. Besides, she can thank nature for being rather generous with her. Because the actress is actually always naturally sublime. Since to this day she says she has not had cosmetic surgery or injections.

“If you do botox, you do ten years older very quickly. The secret is to have fun. If you condition yourself to old age, you lean forward a bit and end up in the park with your hands crossed behind your back ”. Axelle Laffont therefore seems to have put her own philosophy into practice. Because indeed, the years do not seem to have any hold on her. This is why despite a certain shyness, she does not hesitate to appear without any clothes when the opportunity is worth it. Obviously, the star considers that the vaccine against the virus is important enough to make a very nice gift to his fans!

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