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The Cancer Screening Awareness Committee is organizing information, prevention and detection meetings from September 22 throughout Aveyron.

Like every year at this time, Pink October is a reminder of the importance of cancer screening. And it is the women who are the first to be affected by this operation carried out throughout the department, with both breast cancer and cervical cancer as targets of a program of exchanges and activities from Wednesday 22nd. September.

The Awareness Committee for cancer screening in Aveyron is one of the major players in Pink October, which is therefore aimed at women aged 25 to 74 to discuss with them, in the field of information, the prevention and detection of both breast cancer and cervical cancer (twelfth most common female cancer), the combination of the two being a novelty this year in the device.

“Screening is the best gesture to detect early and thus have every chance of being cured”, insists Laurence Michelutti, linchpin of the Awareness Committee alongside volunteers such as Olivia Bengué, Claude Rey, Marie-Claude Serres or even Martine Flahaut. The frequency of these screenings varies according to age. For the cervix, cytological examination every three years for 25-29 year olds, HPV (papillomavirus) test every five years for 30 to 65 year olds. For the breast, the frequency of mammography is every two years for women between the ages of 50 and 74.

And especially with regard to breast cancer, and for those who do not have the opportunity to travel by themselves to a radiology center, the Awareness Committee wishes to generalize in Nord-Aveyron, carpooling for women from 50 to 74 years old. An action that the municipality of Argences-en-Aubrac has already carried out until then. To this end, the Committee, in partnership with the CPAM, wishes to mobilize municipalities and inter-municipal authorities with a minibus to develop these collective carpooling.

For the rest, Pink October will take place across the department with meetings on many cancer prevention topics, from the environment to physical activity, including cooking.

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